3D Printing Studios understands the stressful nature of getting a job done within a deadline.

When School/College/University printers are overloaded or under maintenance, 3D Printing Studios invites students to bring their stl files to their local studio and we can print your file for you on one of our many 3D printers in each studio.

If you know what you want, feel free to upload your model to our online quoting systems for an instant quote using the links below.

If you would prefer to discuss your options first, feel free to call, email, or drop by your local studio to chat to a 3D Printing staff member.

Online quoting system links:

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Student examples:

Accessory Design

Surfboard Fin designs

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If you need to upload multiple files please include them in a zip file. File types accepted - JPG, JPEG, PNG, STL, OBJ, 3MF, ZIP. Max file size is 10MB.